Latest Details for Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Reveal How Long the Expansion Is

During an earlier livestream today, Square Enix has released more information today regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis, and it looks like we now have an idea of just how long the add-on will be, how the story unfolds after you beat it, and some additional information.

Thanks to the folks over at Gematsu, we know that players can expect the main story of Episode Ignis to last between 1-2 hours if players are only following the story of the game. Additionally, Square Enix has said that this among the densest of all the Final Fantasy XV add-ons, and that after clearing the story, players can expect additional routes to unlock.

According to Square Enix, the routes follow the flow of the original story and change based on the decisions Ignis makes in the game. The post-game route is essentially a boss battle, but considered to be more difficult. Players can also expect a battle against Noctis to appear once they beat the story, so there seems to be a ton of endgame content for players to experience no matter how long the main story takes.

In case you missed the latest Episode Ignis news, Square Enix recently dropped a brand new trailer for it during their Paris Games Week 2017 coverage. The trailer showed off a bunch of new story details and gave us a pretty good look into what we can expect from the upcoming expansion. You can check out that below:

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis is set to release on December 13, 2017.

[Source: Gematsu]