Light Up the Dungeons With Combo Spells in Wizard of Legend

Ready to navigate dangerous dungeons with the power of over one hundred spells at your disposal? Wizard of Legend is a rogue-like where you must use your wits and skills to survive this action packed game. Developer Contingent99 calls Wizard of Legend “a pixelated hybrid of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta style hack-and-slash with Street Fighter combos and super moves.”

Wizard of Legend has an announcement trailer to give you a better idea about the title:

The PlayStation 4 version of Wizard of Legend will be available at the PlayStation Experience next week!

Contingent99 also goes into detail about Wizard of Legend’s battle system:

Combat in Wizard of Legend revolves around using magical spell cards known as arcana. Each arcana is unleashed with a simple button press. Unleashing them in quick succession to create a combo will become second nature, as you navigate through the challenges of the Chaos Trials. While you begin the game with just a handful of your favorite arcana, you’ll quickly discover more as you progress, boosting your hand and allowing you to pull off longer, more devastating spell combos.

With over 100 different arcana to find and master, there are countless combinations of starting hands to suit your playstyle. In addition, you can equip magical outfits and relics that have a wide variety of effects, ranging from summoning helpful familiars, to raining down lightning on all enemies in the area. Each run through the trials will allow you to permanently unlock additional tools that will help you achieve victory, and shopkeepers will help you even further with the different currencies you collect.

Wizard of Legend releases Q1 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.