Okami HD Trailers Reveal How Beautiful the Game Looks

Capcom has released not one, but three new trailers for Okami HD, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 12. The two Celestial Brush videos and Demon introduction not only show off various aspects of the adventure game’s mechanics, but also show how downright beautiful the title is. HD or not Okami has aged wonderfully!

Now, let’s check out the Okami HD gameplay trailers. First up is the Celestial Brush: Inferno video:

Next up is the Celestial Brush: Veil of Mist trailer:

Finally, we have a Demon Introduction trailer. it’s the fifth trailer of the type:

If you’re worried about how Okami HD is going to stand up compared to the PlayStation 2 original, don’t be! We have a review of Okami HD already, albeit for PS3. Give it a read:

The game looks gorgeous. Okami was already a great-looking game back on the PlayStation 2, and this remake definitely does the original justice. The enthralling art style never fails to impress, and the entire game doesn’t really look like something ripped from the last generation of consoles. Trees and various environmental objects do use a certain type of sprite that gives away the game’s age, but even those are crisp, detailed, and fit right in with the world presented to the player. Ameratsu practically glows, and visual effects pop out of the screen like never before. The framerate stays solid as do most HD remasterings, and in 1080p no less. It’s uncertain just how much, if any, remastering was done to Okami‘s soundtrack, but the audio is crisp and peaceful as ever.

Okami HD will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 12.