For Honor Update 1.15.1 Features Tweaks, Read Patch Notes

For Honor update 1.15.1 is coming later today alongside some maintenance. According to Ubisoft the maintenance will take place “at 12:00 PM EST/17:00 PM UTC and end at 12:45 PM EST/17:45 PM UTC on Thursday, November 30 2017.” The update will change several different characters.

Check out the For Honor update 1.15.1 patch notes below:



  • Zone attack Cancels recovery time increased by 200ms

Developer Comments: The Peacekeeper Zone attack is one of the fastest attack in the game and the second part could be cancelled instantaneously. It was creating infinite combo with revenge. The decision to add a recovery time is to make the move fairer and prevent the revenge abuse.

  • [Bug Fix] Counter Guardbreaking a Peacekeeper Guardbreak was not applying the same Damage Reduction modifier as all other heroes which led to possible abuse in group fights.


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue that would cause the Shoulder Pin to sometimes be blocked in situations where it shouldn’t; especially against Nobushi.


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue causing the range of the Demon Embrace to be shorter than expected.

Developer Comments: Bug that the community has identified quickly. We unintentionally changed the range of the Demon Embrace by fixing the multiple issues affecting collisions with this move on the last version. The original range has been restored. The wall splat Demon Embrace is guaranteed again.


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue causing the Gladiator to be bumped by his opponent while throwing him against a wall.


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue that caused “Ring the Bell” to not be interrupted correctly when the Aramusha is hit while performing it.


  • Wild Cat’s Rage damage reduced to 20 (from 25).
  • Wild Cat’s Swiftness damage reduced to 20 (from 25).
  • Wild Cat’s Pounce damage reduced to 20 (from 25).
  • Basic Heavy Opener damaged reduced to 27 (from 33).

Developer Comments: Since we removed HP Regen when at Critical HP, it is no longer necessary for the dodge attacks to do 25 damage to kill an opponent.

We reduced her Basic Heavy Openers. Since she uses a variety of moves in real fights, this should reduce her win rate, without impeding her ability to fight.

  • Wild Cat’s Rage Hit recoveries increased to 1000ms (from 700ms), and move forward 0.5m more.
  • Wild Cat’s Rage Normal Blocked recoveries increased to 800ms (from 700ms).

Developer Comments: The intention is that the Shaman will now be unable to perform this move and then immediately dodge back to do it again – because the opponent can now beat that with a risky Guard Break.

  • [Bug Fix] Shaman can no longer switch targets during the running portion of Wild Cat’s Rage, Predator’s Hunger, or Predator’s Mercy. Before, Shaman was able to start running at one target, then whip around and actually attack a different target – this is no longer possible.

For Honor update 1.15.1 is available now.

[Source: Ubisoft]