Persona 5 sales

Persona 5 Sells Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide as Atlus Experiences an “Incredible” Year

Atlus has announced that its critically-acclaimed RPG, Persona 5, has sold more than two million copies worldwide. This figure includes PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 sales.

In a press release, Atlus USA President and CEO Naoto Hiraoka said that 2017 has been an “incredible” year for the company, and that it represents its “ambitions for Japanese games in the West.”

We are in the middle of experiencing tremendous growth, both in the west and abroad, and the sales of Persona 5 represent a new level of expectation for fans of the genre. Once seen as niche, Persona 5 is one of the most important titles this year, proving interest in this category is expanding. We look forward to delivering more incredible games to our fans next year.

Back in October, Sega revealed in its annual sales report that the Persona series has sold approximately 8.5 million copies worldwide since 1996. This figure includes packaged and digital sales of 13 editions in total. The latest entry alone made a significant contribution as the game earned praise worldwide from critics and users alike.

Persona 5 has been nominated in four categories for the upcoming Game Awards 2017: Game of the Year, Best Art Direction, Best Score/Music, and Best Role-Playing Game.

The awards will be held in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, December 7.