Housemarque next game

Housemarque’s Next Game Will Use Unreal Engine 4

Housemarque used Unreal Engine 4 to power Matterfall, and they announced today that they’ll be using Unreal Engine exclusively going forward. Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen praised the engine’s ability to enable “fast prototyping,” and that it is still “very customizable” so the studio can use their signature visual effects technology with the engine. They also revealed that their next Unreal Engine 4 game will be announced soon.

“Throughout our 22 years, Housemarque has taken pride in building our own proprietary technology to build the games that we want to play,” said Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “Our summer 2017 release – Matterfall bucked that trend and was the first Housemarque release to use Unreal 4. We have made the decision to use Unreal Engine 4 exclusively going forwards. Unreal 4 enables fast prototyping, contains modern pipelines and editors for artists and designers and provides really valuable documentation and support forums. Plus, it’s still very customizable so we can still use our award-winning rendering and visual effects tech with the engine. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works!”

As one would expect, Unreal Engine developer Epic Games were excited about this working relationship. “We are thrilled that Housemarque has chosen to adopt UE4 for their projects,” said Epic Games’ European Territory Manager Mike Gamble. “Having a studio with the reputation of Housemarque put their trust in UE4 is humbling and we are really looking forward to seeing what they can achieve with the engine.”

Recently, Housemarque announced that they’d be moving away from their traditional arcade-based titles. That includes their two 2017 releases, Matterfall and Nex Machina.