More Cut Content From Bloodborne Discovered, Including New Bosses

As more and more Bloodborne players dive into the games data, more of them are beginning to find some interesting content that was cut from the action RPG. Last week, players found a ton of new NPCs and enemy models that didn’t make the cut into the game, and now even more players are coming out with videos that feature previously unknown enemy concepts and armors for the main character.

As you can tell from the video above, it seems that there’s still a ton of things to find in the games files, and all of the new things being found just continues to make me wish more Bloodborne content had been released. This content comes on the heels of even more Bloodborne news, as an enemy that was originally thought to be cut from the game was actually discovered for the first time after two years. For more on that, check out below:

Miyazaki himself presented the first footage of the Chalice Dungeons at the first ever PlayStation Experience Convention in December 2014. Showcased in the footage was most prominently an Undead Giant with two blades for arms, one of which is on fire, enabling him to set the area around him as well as his victims aflame.

Bloodborne then released in March 2015, but the Flaming Undead Giant was nowhere to be found in the dungeons. Along with other things such as Boss Rush and the Revered Great One’s Coldblood, this version of the Undead Giant was generally declared as “Unused Content”, that is, not having made the final cut of the game.

Bloodborne is available now.