Recent Rumors Suggest a Dark Souls Remaster is on the Way

December 5, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

dark souls ps4 remaster

If recent rumors are correct, then it looks like fans of the original Dark Souls might soon be able to get their hands on a remastered version of the game. According to a now deleted tweet, at an upcoming Bandai Namco event on December 15, a Dark Souls remaster will be announced.

The tweet, originally sent out by Marcus Sellars – a writer for The Switch Network – was originally tweeted out earlier this morning. Sellars stated that Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on December 15, and that 5 unannounced games would be shown off during the event. Soon after, he tweeted out that one of those games would be a Dark Souls remaster.

Whether or not he was right, he quickly took down the tweet, but Seasoned Gaming (the site that picked up the information) has the screenshot of the tweet. Of course, the tweet should be taken with a huge grain of salt, especially considering the user doesn’t seem to have had any other information that would make the rumor any more substantial. There hasn’t been any word on a Bandai Namco event happening soon, but Marcus did say it would occur in about two weeks, so fans won’t have to wait long to figure out if he was right or not.

In the meantime, let us know in the comment section what you think. Would you be interested in a Dark Souls remaster? Would you play it, or would you rather the studio focus on a brand new game?

[Source: Seasoned Gaming]