Multiplayer Brawler Dynasty Feud Releases Next Week on PS4

Elizabeth Henges

Want a four person multiplayer brawler to play with your friends over the holiday break? Dynasty Feud will be perfect for you, and the title will be releasing on PS4 next week! Dynasty Feud releases on December 12, and will cost $14.99.

Get a taste of Dynasty Feud with this reveal trailer:

Developer Kaia Studios also provides more information on the brawler:

Dynasty Feud portrays an endless feud between eight unique dynasties spanning multiple time periods, backgrounds, and fighting styles. Honor your dynasty by taking part in deadly battles alongside friends – or join in random online/offline matches of up to four players. From melee juggernauts to sneaky snipers – along with invisible ninjas and even a TNT-loving cactus – each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to use them in coordinated combat is the only way to stay alive.

*   Choose a dynasty and fight in fast-paced, all-out, one-hit kill brawls!
*   Master 40 characters across 8 unique dynasties.
*   Customize your very own dynasty in All-Star mode.
*   Fight in epic 2-4 player battles offline with friends or online with opponents worldwide.
*   Witness mass destruction as levels are left in ruin by hectic battles.

Dynasty Feud‘s Steam page also delves into the game’s interest one hit kill mechanic:

In Dynasty Feud you won’t pick a character to fight, you will pick a whole dynasty formed by 5 of them. The characters are your life bar, if you lose all of them, that’s it, you are done. What, really? No way! And they die fast, really fast, REALLY REALLY FAST; one hit and that character is gone. Yeah, gone. The next character will appear, but it will be a totally different one, with its own weaknesses and strengths.

Value your characters and measure your movements carefully. Knowing their capacities and how to use them is as important as knowing your enemies. Plus there are 40 like this, so… have fun. A miscalculated jump, a surprise burst or missed attack can be the difference between death and glory. Uuuhh, that sounded serious.

Dynasty Feud will release on December 12 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: Steam]

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