Fighting game Omen of Sorrow Gets a Time-Limited Demo

Developer AOne Games has announced a limited-time demo of its fighting game Omen of Sorrow: The Dark Struggle. It’s really for a limited time, though, as the demo is available to try from today to December 11. So, if you want to give this fighter a try, make sure to download it now!

There’s also a new trailer for Omen of Sorrow, for the PlayStation Experience 2017:

Gematsu provides more information about the demo:

The demo will feature playable characters Zafkiel and Gabriel on a new stage, and support both local multiplayer and single-player modes.

“This is the first time the game will be released onto the wild, outside of the controlled environment of an event,” said AOne Games executive producer Max Kubler in a press release. “It’s a daunting proposal, but we strongly believe that once players get their hands on the game, they’ll be able to appreciate the effort we’ve put into all the subtle details that can’t be conveyed through gameplay videos such as input handling, and the overall flow of combat.”

Omen of Sorrow‘s official page reveals more about the game:

Omen of Sorrow is a classic 2D, four-button fighting game, with Unreal Engine 4 powered graphics, a cast of 12 characters inspired by classical horror, fantasy and mythology, and a battle system designed from the ground up to leverage player skill, rather than stats or random chance, featuring deep combat mechanics that favor movement and spacing over tight execution to provide an engaging experience for pros and newcomers alike!

Using a netcode technique called rollback (GGPO), we’ll provide you with a near-lagless online experience. You’ll also be able to fight your friends in Local Multiplayer; having someone in the same physical space when playing a game is a very different experience than playing with them over the internet, you know that, and so do we.

Omen of Sorrow releases in 2018 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: Gematsu, Omen of Sorrow]