Vane Gameplay Impresses During PSX 2017 Demo

Friend & Foe Games’ Vane may have been out of the spotlight, but it won’t be after its showing at PlayStation Experience 2017. The adventure game received a live gameplay demo during Sony’s PSX 2017 stream, and it showed off the gorgeous looking title. We haven’t seen Vane since Friend & Foe Games’ Matt Smith announced in December 2016 that the PlayStation 4 title would release in 2017. Obviously that didn’t happen, but a 2018 release seems like a sure thing considering how the game currently looks.

Here’s what Smith said about the game in 2016:

We at Friend & Foe were thrilled to announce at PlayStation Experience that Vane is coming to PS4. Developing Vane has been a long road so far, almost two years and counting, and designing the world, what it feels like, and who’s in it has been a journey of discovery for us. We can’t wait to share those results.

We’ll try to hold back on spoiling too many of the details, as we want you to experience the final thing for yourself, but we’ll talk more about our hodgepodge of influences and our process, as well as share gif goodness and pretty pictures on a semi-regular basis.

Check out the Vane gameplay demo below:

For more on Vane, here’s the official description from the publisher:

Discover a strange land with a hidden mystery. Explore the secrets of the past to find the remnants of your future. The storm is coming.

Vane is an atmospheric adventure about unraveling the secrets of an unknown land, finding your place in it, and pulling at the threads of the world to make a change.  The shifting sands glimmer with meaning, ancient ruins resonate with power, but a threat billows and looms in the distance. Find your way.

Vane is set to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4.