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Documentary with Darksiders Composer Jesper Kyd Released by Gameumentary

Geaumentary has provided an extra little holiday present for us all! While creating their Darksiders documentary, they were able to get an interview with the series’ composer Jesper Kyd, and had so much extra content that they were able to make an entire documentary for the composer. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, you’ll learn more about Kyd’s road to becoming a video game composer.

You can check out the Jesper Kyd documentary below:

Gamumentary also posted more on Patreon about how this extra documentary came to be:

This project actually has kind of a funny story behind it. We obviously wanted Jesper Kyd to be featured in our upcoming Darksiders documentary, but we didn’t really know how to get in touch with him to get him to Austin, TX during the filming of it.

Right after the Kickstarter began, his PR guy actually got in touch with us since he saw we were doing docs on Darksiders and Battle Chasers: Nightwar and wanted to know if we wanted to talk to Jesper about them.

We were like, uhhhh, hell yea! And then he said Jesper couldn’t make it to Austin during our doc shoot there and we were pretty bummed about it, since that would most likely involve us doing a Skype interview with him instead of talking in person.

Long story short, we found a way to make it to his studio in California while filming our Outpost Games documentary and got to get all the footage we needed for our Darksiders doc, plus the footage you’re about to watch above.

Gameumentary will have more information on their next documentary on January 6.

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