Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.53 patch notes

Read the Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.53 Patch Notes

Farming Simulator 17 update 1.53 is now live on consoles. It fixes several issues, adds in a vehicle arm sensitivity option, and has various visual fixes for vehicles. It’s an exciting update for digital farmers!

Check out the Farming Simulator 17 update 1.53 patch notes below:

  • Added vehicle arm sensitivity option
  • Added support for future mod releases
  • Fixed care wheels for missions
  • Fixed subsoiler in missions
  • Various visual fixes for vehicles
  • Fixed Pöttinger Mex 5
  • Fixed rain on Estancia Lapacho
  • Fixed multiple fertilizer states
  • Fixed: XB1/PS4 input binding when installing mods

For more on the farming title, check out our Farming Simulator 17 review. Here’s what Blake Grundman had to say:

Sure, you get to witness a seed’s evolution from germination to harvest, yet many of the visuals and texture work are just plain hideous. While working a field of any substantial size, you can fully expect to see only a fraction of the crop fully rendered, with all of the plants in the distance appearing to be a hideous mass of “Wheat Texture #4.” Adding further confusion to this dysfunction is the fact that other objects in the distance, say the town storefronts that are just past the edge of the half-rendered field, look perfectly fine. Despite being so thorough on the simulation side, if the actual foundation aspects like presentation are thrown to the wayside, it immediately begins to take a toll on the overall realism.

When compared to previous installments in the series, Farming Simulator 17 is a drastic improvement. However, there are far too many rough edges to really recommend the game to anyone that isn’t hardcore into the digital farming scene. There were obviously ambitious goals that the developers were striving to achieve in this iteration, most of which they genuinely managed to accomplish. Unfortunately, when you add new features and forget about the fact that a game still needs to be fun, your priorities are ultimately being invested in the wrong place. Unless you are down for hours of aimless fieldwork, it may be best to avoid this rustic chore.

Farming Simulator 17 update 1.53 is available now.