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Third Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Published

December 15, 2017Written by Kite Stenbuck

Koei Tecmo has published the third trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9 in Japan, which explains the gameplay features of this upcoming open world hack and slash action game in more detail.

As the first ever open world game in the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 will let players travel around the entirety of China in the Three Kingdoms era. In a scenario, the player will be given a critical mission (usually to defeat the enemy grand commander), and they can either finish other missions first to allow ally reinforcements and weaken the enemy, or even head straight to the enemy grand commander. But be prepared to fight against a multitude of strong enemies without any reinforcements if the latter method is chosen.

Players will be able to interact with the environment in this open world map of China. They can climb mountains, swim or ride a boat through rivers, scale walls, and even travel between the ends of the Great Wall of China. Players can also purchase one of the Hideout Houses available all around the region, which can be customized with furniture. The player can even invite another character to visit their home and have a chat with them to improve relationships.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a total of 90 playable characters, with seven of them are brand-new to the series: Zhou Cang, Cheng Pu, Xu Sheng, Man Chong, Xun You, Cao Xiu, and Xin Xianying. All of the 90 characters will have their own ending scenes in this game’s main story mode.

As seen in this Japanese trailer, Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan and the rest of East Asia on February 8. However, it has also been confirmed that North America and Europe will get this game on February 13 with additional platforms on Xbox One and Steam.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]