Sony Sending Select Users Free Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC

December 21, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC Free

Sony is giving some users a special holiday gift in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds. Users have reported getting emails from the console-maker that give them a voucher code for the recently released expansion. It’s doubtful that this promotion will be widespread, but some lucky owners will get it for free.

Here’s what the email says:

Claim your epic gift from the Old Ones by 26/12/2017 23:59 (GMT)

We’ve got some exciting news for you [username].

As you’re a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, we’re doing something special… we’re giving you the huge expansion, The Frozen Wilds – totally FREE.

So join Aloy on a thrilling new hunt, pushing your survival skills to the limit to uncover new mysteries hidden in the hazardous mountain snowscape.

Download your gift from PlayStation Store by 26/12/2017 (GMT). Select “Redeem Codes” and input your voucher code below:


For even more on the expansion, check out our Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds review. Here’s what reviewer Paulmichael Contreras had to say:

Some people were thrown off by Horizon Zero Dawn’s less-than-stellar facial animation and animation during cutscenes or while talking to NPCs. Well, happily, things have notably improved in both areas. Although what was already in the base game has not changed, all new missions in the expansion feature much more believable movements of NPCs, and a camera that follows them as they walk around, their hands moving in gestures that make more sense given the context of what they are saying at the moment. It’s a subtle difference, but a marked improvement. It will make going back to regular, non-expansion missions a bit of a jarring experience, which is an odd side effect.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is everything DLC is supposed to be. The wonderful playground we last saw Aloy in is expanded by an impressively large, immaculately detailed, diverse landscape. Like the base game before it, this is a tough area that almost everyone will enjoy exploring. Yet for those who hate open-ended games, fast travel points and simple navigation can keep you on the beaten path, if desired. With more content in this fantastic expansion than other entire games, The Frozen Wilds is a must-buy, can’t-miss experience.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is available now.

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