Producer of Dragon Quest Heroes Teases Dragon Quest Heroes III, Possible Other New Titles

The producer of the Toukiden series as well as the Dragon Quest Heroes series, Kenichi Ogasawara, recently spoke to Dengeki PlayStation and teased fans with not only the idea of brand new titles in both the Dragon Quest Heroes and Toukiden series, but also teased a possible collaboration between the two games.

When asked about what the studios have going, Ogasawara revealed (via Gematsu) that new numbered titles for “this and that” are starting up, and also revealed that a “new collaboration project” is in the works. According to the producer, since the core team members behind Toukiden are currently working on a brand new project, it will be some time before he’s able to say anything more. Of course, that didn’t stop him from teasing that the new project will be “a surprise,” so fans will have to just stay tuned for any updates.

For more information on Dragon Quest Heroes, make sure to check out our review of Dragon Quest Heroes II:

Dragon Quest Heroes II attempts to build upon the original in some smart ways, but the execution ends up being rather messy. The connected world doesn’t provide the player with a living, breathing world to explore, but rather it’s reminiscent of a diorama. One that attempts to fool the player into not seeing how shallow and lifeless things are outside of its walls. It’s a fun, but flawed, follow-up. One that ultimately feels like a tease, as it adds a few much-needed improvements, but not enough to push it over the edge.

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[Source: Gematsu]