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Delve Into Brazil’s Game Development Community With Cloth Map Documentary

Cloth Map, a video series that details how games impact people around the world, have released a new twenty documentary. The subject this time is game development in Brazil, which is a country where we often don’t see many games come out of. Cloth Map has a Patreon wherein you can learn more about the video series and the man behind it, Drew Scanlon.

First, here is the video on Brazil game development:

This isn’t Cloth Map’s first video on Brazil, either. Take a look at Brazil’s grey market for games:

Or learn about the country’s gaming fans:

Interested in what Cloth Map is, or what Scanlon is working on next? The Cloth Map Patreon page provides more information:

Welcome to Cloth Map! My name’s Drew. I’m exploring the people, places, and cultures of the world through the lens of games, and making sweet videos about it. Join me, won’t you?


You may know me from Giant Bomb, where I worked for eight years making videos about IcelandE3, and roller coasters. One time, I blinked weirdly.

Okay so what’s Cloth Map?

Cloth Map is a video series that explores how games impact the lives of people around the world. So far we’ve been to Ukraine to see (among other things) Chernobyl, which has provided inspiration to countless games and media over the years, and Brazil, where we learned how economic restrictions can create an alternate video game reality.

Games are a universal concept, but can take drastically different forms from culture to culture. By exploring these differences, I hope to not only expand our definition of “games,” but also remind ourselves that no matter our background, everyone on Earth loves having a good time.

Where are you hoping Cloth Map goes next?

[Source: Patreon]