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Universal Studios Japan Will Be Getting a Final Fantasy VR Ride

Universal Studios Japan is creating a special Final Fantasy VR ride! Named the Final Fantasy XR ride, it uses VR headsets and the existing Space Fantasy the Ride roller coaster to make a fun Final Fantasy themed ride. The ride will be available from January 19 to June 24.

Here’s a short video for the Universal Studios Final Fantasy ride, courtesy of Engadget:


The ride seems pretty cool, but if you’re not going to be in Osaka during that time frame, you unfortunately won’t be able to experience it. But, there are other Final Fantasy VR adventures you can try out, right from home! Check out our review of Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV:

While virtual reality is still in its infancy, it’s managed to excel in two key areas: allowing players to experience the absurd and allowing players to mimic real actions. Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV combines these two key experiences perfectly, as the mundane act of fishing is paired with fantastical monsters in a highly entertaining fantasy world. In those aspects, this strange FFXV spin-off is a perfect fit in the current VR landscape.

As far as fishing goes, Monster of the Deep mirrors its real-life counterpart rather faithfully (besides having to wait forever for a bite). Due to that, I won’t go deep into how it plays mechanically much here (it’s detailed in my preview, though). However, I will say that I found casting to be more difficult than expected, as I often found myself casting short when I was going for a far target, and vice-versa. At first, I thought there was just a learning curve, but I never really got much better at it. Eventually, I settled on doing large motions to go short, and short flicks to go long, despite the motions not making much sense. It’s a slight annoyance, but players can always reel in long casts, so it’s not much of an issue.

Will you be trying out the Final Fantasy XR ride?

[Source: Engadget]