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Developers Highlight the Great Gameplay Design of NieR: Automata

The PlayStation Blog is continuing to talk to developers about their favorite games of 2017, and their most recent article went into the gameplay mechanics that developers were wowed by. Several notable names in the industry had a lot of praise for NieR: Automata in that regard, as they singled out its incredible ability to jump genres mid-combat.

Some of the biggest praise came from Arkane Studios Associate Producer Jeramy Bergerson. “Having things change from shoot ’em up, to a 2.5D platformer, to an open-world 3D RPG. I can’t remember ever having played a game that not only deftly switched between completely different genres of games, but that did each of them so seamlessly and to such a high level of execution that I would totally have played each of them as a standalone game.”

Khalil Osaimi, Housemarque’s Media Designer, was equally as impressed. “PlatinumGames have created a unique beast of a game that successfully combines gameplay elements from totally different genres,” gushed Osaimi. “Its seamless transitions from hack ‘n slash to twin stick shooter creates a new experience for gamers.”

One other area of NieR: Automata that also drew praise was its upgrade system. “There have been a few games that have made me put the controller down and simply admire the ingenuity of the teams behind them and this year that game was NieR: Automata,” said Sumo Digital’s Brad Davey, the lead designer of Snake Pass. “The way the game contextualises upgrading 2B, 9S and A2 through the chip system and the way that thread carries throughout the game was a masterstroke. Game mechanics and story coming together to create this near-perfect whole.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]