A New Insomniac Games Jobs Listing Has Popped Up, Revealing a New Engine Technology

A brand new job posting has gone up revealing that Insomniac is currently looking to hire Engine Programmers for their Burbank, California offices. The role of the programmers will be, according to the job posting, to design and develop brand new engine technology for current and future games.

Obviously it’s unclear what this means, but the fact that Insomniac is planning to work on new engine technology is always a good thing, though we aren’t sure what it will be used for just yet. Currently, Insomniac Games only has Marvel’s Spider-Man currently planned for release, so any future jobs or engines that get built could be for an unannounced title that we’ve yet to see anything on.

For more information on the job and what it will entail, check out a brief list of duties below:

  • Design and develop new engine technology for current and future games based on prioritized list of what other departments require
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development
  • Collaborate with others on the team to design and build architectures for new systems, and maintain and improve those of current systems
  • Work proactively with Engine Director to identify technical and developmental risks and obstacles and helps generate solutions
  • Work independently to complete assigned projects with limited supervision
  • Implement new functionality in engine.
  • Design and implement efficient low-level systems to support higher-level programmers and pipelines

For more information on the job, should you be interested, check out the full listing over at Gamasutra.

[Source: Gamasutra]