Here’s How Infamous Second Son’s Visual Effects Came to Life

During GDC 2014, Sucker Punch’s Matt Vainio talked about how the studio managed to produce the impressive visual effects in Infamous Second Son. He also went into detail on several tools the studio uses, and how their workflow operates. Luckily for us, the great 50-minute long talk just went live on GDC’s YouTube channel, so fans will definitely want to give it a watch.

Check out the Infamous Second Son visual effect breakdown below:

For even more on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, check out our Infamous Second Son review. Here’s what reviewer Chandler Wood had to say when it released early on in the PS4’s lifespan:

I’ve saved my personal bright and shining spotlight of Second Son for last. What stuck out to me the most were the intricacies of the sound design. From the sound effects, to the soundtrack, to the voicework, the sound design and its implementation throughout the game was far superior to what I’ve experienced in any other game in recent memory. Every power’s sound effect was unique and extraordinary, the ambient sounds of the city really helped Sucker Punch’s digital Seattle feel alive and immersive, and the voicework was top notch, helping to add emotion to the excellent character animations. The soundtrack was ingrained within the world and didn’t just feel layered over the top. Second Son’s audio truly feels organic on every level. I would recommend a home theater surround system for optimum effect, and anyone with a Gold or Elite Pulse headset will get a custom audio mix.

inFAMOUS Second Son isn’t a perfect game. The overarching story is a bit stunted and combat can feel somewhat repetitive. What holds Second Son together is how solidly all aspects of the game were made. You can feel the passion that each person at Sucker Punch has for their individual role as each element solidifies and interfaces into an extremely well made game overall. While it may not be remembered for bringing anything new to the table in terms of overall mechanics, Sucker Punch have certainly set a benchmark for how games should incorporate the power of the PS4 to fuse all elements of a game and make one strikingly solid experience.

Infamous Second Son is available now for PlayStation 4.