inFamous: Second Son’s Custom Audio Mix for Gold/Pulse Elite Headsets Detailed

March 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


When inFamous: Second Son launches this Friday, owners of the Gold PlayStation headset and Pulse Elite headsets will be able to download a custom audio mode for the title (how to download the Headset Companion App).

Detailing what the custom audio mode brings is Audio Director Brad Meyer (via PS Blog):

We worked very closely with the hardware team iterating on a custom mix for inFamous: Second Son on the PS Gold Wireless headset. We’ve enhanced the low-end to give those impacts and explosions and more sweetening and did a subtle mid-range cut to balance it all out. It sounds really nice on both the PS Gold and the Pulse Elites. (The Pulse Elites also have their own custom mode along with rumble when Delsin uses his powers or beats up bad guys).


Want to learn more about inFamous: Second Son’s music? Go behind the score in this look at how they produced the soundtrack:

The digital version of the inFamous: Second Son soundtrack is out on iTunes now, with the physical version becoming available on Amazon next week.

Will you be playing inFamous: Second Son with a headset on? Let us know in the comments below.