That Ubisoft Concept Art Floating Around Isn’t Connected to a Game

Earlier this morning, a batch of art from one of Ubisoft’s Lead Concept Artists began making the rounds on the internet, fueling speculation that the company might be working on a new game, IP, or something else. Unfortunately, a quick dive into the artist’s page reveals that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The artist in question, Juhani Jokinen, shared a batch of custom artwork he had done about a month ago to his ArtStation profile, showcasing what looked like a person standing on a platform overlooking a large assembly of people. In the background, giant banners with red Chinese lettering adorn the walls. While many were quick to speculate that this could be work from an upcoming title, the artist debunked that on the description for the image:

Here’s some concept art for an upcoming personal short film project.

Not related in any way to Ubisoft or its IPs.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this artwork can be for something Ubisoft plans on doing, but as it stands that doesn’t seem likely. Regardless, the artwork is still incredible, and you can take a look at all of Jokinen’s work by heading over to his ArtStation page. Should anything change in terms of announcements or reveals, we’ll make sure to cover it, but as for now, it looks like this is nothing more than a talented artist sharing some really nice looking concept art. While it’s not a new Ubisoft game, it’s still something really nice to look at.

[Source: ArtStation via Reddit]