Gundam Versus to Add More DLC Mobile Suits From Missing Link

Bandai Namco’s highly popular team battle action game Gundam Versus is still not running out of steam in 2018. Later this month we will see the long-awaited additions of God/Burning Gundam and Master Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam to this PlayStation 4 game that has been released worldwide. And more new information has just shown up, reporting that Bandai Namco is planning to add even more mobile suits from the PlayStation 3 game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link.

Gundam Versus already had a couple of Missing Link representatives at launch with Travis Kirkland’s Slave Wraith and Vincent Gleissner’s High Mobility Gelgoog, and they also added the Ground Combat Pale Rider piloted by Chloe Croce in August 2017. The Japanese blog Hachima reported—presumably from the latest Dengeki magazine— that Fred Reber’s Gundam Pixie and Doug Schneid’s Efreet will be joining the roster in early February 2018.

The Gundam Pixie piloted by Fred “Ripper” Reber will be more melee-oriented as it will use the Beam Daggers in most of its attacks, with the 90mm Machinegun used only as a sub ranged attack, and its special ranged command is going to have it perform a special movement. Likewise, Doug Schneid’s Efreet will mostly use the Heat Lance with the 35mm Gatling Gun used only as the main ranged weapon and the Shotgun as its sub. Both mobile suits will have the same in-game cost of 300.

We’d also like to remind you that Bandai Namco will hold a live stream for new Gundam game announcements next week on January 16, and it should be safe to assume that they will have more new announcements for Gundam Versus in this stream as well, so stay tuned for more information.

[Source: Hachima]