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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Launching on PS5 Tomorrow, Comes With DualSense Features

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s free-to-play title Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 will launch on the PlayStation 5 tomorrow, January 28th. In addition to utilizing the DualSense‘s features, the PS5 version will offer improved load times and better frame rates.

Controller improvements are highlighted as follows:

  • Pulling the trigger: Adaptive triggers reproduce resistance and pressure.
  • Bullet fired: Hear the weapon fire via the DualSense controller’s audio and audio from your TV
  • Bullet impact: Haptic feedback indicates projectile impact

PS5 players will also get a brand new map called Military Base, and new voiceovers. Those who are moving over from the PS4 will be able to transfer their data and pick up where they left.

For the unimitated, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is a six-versus-six online shooter. Features include:

  • Maximum 6v6 Online Battle – Join players around the globe in 6v6 team online battles! Battle Operation 2 features the critically acclaimed land combat of its predecessor, and turns it up a notch by adding all new space battles! Fight for survival with your comrades on realistic battlefields!
  • Infantry Battle – Mobile Suits aren’t the only heroes on the battlefield! Pilots can place bombs in enemy bases or request support fire to contribute to the cause! Sometimes, infantry fights can even decide the outcome of the battle!
  • Acquire and Customize Mobile Suits – Spend the earned DP to develop MS after battle or spend tokens for attempts at the lottery that can award powerful MS! You can also enhance your favorite MS by performing customization!
  • Base Camp – Interact with players from around the world in this online lobby! Become a pilot and make battle preparations such as upgrading MS in the neutral base camp! In addition, you can freely interact with an assortment of battle comrades that cross your path.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]