Take a Look at Nine Minutes of New Monster Hunter: World Footage

Monster Hunter: World is only two weeks away from release, and to get players ready for the upcoming action title, Capcom has released a new, 9-minute long gameplay video of the game, showcasing the Coral Highlands area of the world. For anyone excited for the upcoming game, it will be a must-watch, as it showcases some aspects of the game we haven’t seen yet.

As you can tell from the video above, a couple of things get shown off in the video, including zip lining across areas as well as some additional creatures that the players fight. The Coral Highlands area is the highlight of it all, though, as it seems like the world is filled with colorful flora, plantlike, and even creatures.

We were able to preview Monster Hunter: World, and this is a little bit of what we thought.

The action is the biggest upgrade in Monster Hunter: World as it feels significantly more fluid than in previous games. As I attacked the monster’s tail, I had to make sure to dodge away from his attacks. It was a pretty easy battle overall, which was helped by the fact that I had other human teammates. They were able to distract the creature while I kept digging into him with my sword.

After we had dealt enough damage, the creature tried to run away in order to regain some of its health. I wasn’t about to let this last longer than it had to, though, so I sheathed my sword and ran after the creature. I followed the Great Jagras into a cave-like area, which would end up being the location of our final encounter. He didn’t find the time to heal up, so the circumstance and momentum of battle was on my side.

After a few minutes of combat, my team had ended up victorious. The Great Jagras had fallen, and we got to collect the spoils of victory before the game kicked me out of the demo. It was a relatively short look at the action since I found the creature early on, and it only lasted about 10 minutes. Regardless, it was enough of a taste after what I saw at E3.

While I wish I got to spend more time with Monster Hunter: World, that one mission was pure excitement. It encapsulated everything I love about the series including the epic fights and teamwork. It also showcased how much better playing World was when compared to its now clunky counterparts

Monster Hunter: World is set to release January 26, 2018 worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Gematsu]