Major Fortnite Update Headed to the Game Next Week, Map Update for Battle Royale

The first major content update of 2018 is headed to Fortnite soon, and Epic has teased some promising new additions to make the game even more fun to play. The quick two-minute development update goes over some high level changes you can expect to see when the Fortnite update goes live, with much more detailed patch notes expected to come sometime next week.

Here are the bullet points from the Fortnite update.

New Points of Interest

  • The City
  • New named areas on the west side of the map

They previously thought it was light on points of interest and wanted to make more interesting areas for players to drop into all over the map.


  • Swamp
  • Mountains
  • Etc.

Epic wanted to make each distinct area of the map feel more unique. The swamp feel “swampier,” mountains feel “more mountainous,” etc.

Additional Quality of Life Improvements

Epic didn’t detail what these are, but they will be listed in the patch notes once the update goes live.

Holiday Trees/Treasure Chests Going Away

With the additional points of interest, Epic wanted to make sure that loot was evenly spread out, so the event trees and treasure chests will be removed in the interest of this new update. Epic will keep looking at the spawn rate of rare loot and ammo, and adjust accordingly.

Epic says that this Fortnite update should drop sometime next week, and if they follow their usual pattern, full patch notes will be available a couple of days before the update actually releases. What are you most excited to see in next week’s update? What quality of life changes do you hope Epic brings to the table?