Days Gone Features a ‘Whole Bunch of Hours’ of Cutscenes

According to a secondhand report it looks like Days Gone will feature plenty of cutscenes for players to watch.

The news comes from Star Citizen Community Content Manager Jared Huckaby, who said on a livestream that he recently talked to actor Sam Witwer (who plays Deacon St. John in Days Gone). Huckaby claims that Witwer told him that the game features a “whole bunch of hours” of cutscenes. That should ease any concerns that the upcoming zombie action game was overly focused on combat.

For more on the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, check out our Days Gone preview. Here’s a snippet of what Chandler Wood had to say about the action game:

Arriving at the main camp, the swarm of freakers used in the stage demo wasn’t there this time, so they couldn’t be utilized as a distraction. Our private demo took us through a decidedly more boring route of clearing the camp with sniper kills and stealth that turns into a third person shooter firefight before ending, but did effectively highlight the world as alive in ways that will fundamentally change how you need to play.

The developers wanted to make it very clear that these dynamic junctures could happen at any point. That rope trap could be slung across any part of the road at any point in time during the game. The day and night cycle, the weather cycle, and placement of enemies both humans and freakers will change as the active and living world moves around you. The interactions between the group of bandits that had to kill one of their own are unscripted. Don’t expect that every enemy who gets caught in a bear trap will be shot by one of their buddies. A swarm of elements will factor into how each and every moment of Days Gone plays out. Bend has even hinted that the freakers are not undead. They are infected that need to eat, drink, and sleep, and those types of things may end up also impacting the living world.

Days Gone is set to release in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

[Source: Reverse the Verse via Dualshockers]