Square Enix CEO Discusses Modernization of RPGs

In a recent interview with Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO of Square Enix, the man behind the company spoke fairly candidly about how RPGs play a role in society and how they must modernize in their storytelling aspects as the genre continues to update and grow.

When asked about how older RPGs could be considered problematic with their portrayal of female character or minority groups, Matsuda was asked how he looks at the genre and if it must modernize. Matsuda was somewhat candid in his answer, revealing that while there are differences in how some cultures might perceive things, the goal is to appeal to a global audience, and to do that, they must think more about modernizing to fit the current climate. “But of course, within that you’ve got to leave your own stamp and your own character on these things, and getting that balance right is something that I think is a very difficult question to get right.”

Matsuda did make sure to clarify that there is a “certain level of consideration” that goes into making a game, again focusing on making it known that their goal is to create a global appeal of whatever games that they might be making. While some might not like to hear that, it is refreshing to see more and more gaming studios understanding the changing cultural climate that the world is in and adapting their games to fit that, and this will only continue to grow as our world continue to evolve.

[Source: Metro]