A New Gundam Game for Console Will be Announced Soon

Bandai Namco has divulged more details on the Gundam Game New Year Festival 2018 live stream, where they will make new announcements related to Gundam games on consoles (so to those who have been worrying that they could announce mobile games here, please rest assured). This stream will go live on Tuesday, January 16, at 21:00 Japan time (12:00 GMT, 07:00 AM Eastern Time, 04:00 AM Pacific Time). You’ll be able to catch the stream with the above YouTube Live link.

In addition to Daisuke Sakaguchi (voice actor of Uso Ewin from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam), Bandai Namco has also confirmed another guest in the stream, which will be Kengo Kawanishi who voiced Mikazuki Augus, the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. The details of what will be announced in this stream are as follows:

  1. New DLC information for a certain game
  2. A certain game is going to be released on an additional platform
  3. New event information for a certain game
  4. New title announcement

The first topic should almost definitely refer to Gundam Versus, the team battle action game that has been released worldwide on PlayStation 4 and is getting a steady stream of new DLC mobile suits. So far we have learned that God/Burning Gundam and Master Gundam from the popular Mobile Fighter G Gundam will be added in late January, along with Fred Reber’s Gundam Pixie from Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories: Missing Link. Doug Schneid’s Efreet will follow them in early February.

For the second topic, as most of the recent Gundam games have been released on PlayStation platforms, it leads some to speculate that this segment is possibly going to announce ports of games like SD Gundam G Generation Genesis or Gundam Breaker 3 to Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the third topic usually refers to limited-time events held in online free-to-play games, and the currently ongoing F2P Gundam game on consoles is Gundam Battle Operation NEXT, which is currently available only in Japan and Asia on PlayStation 4 and 3.

The main highlight of this live stream, however, is obviously the final topic which has just been confirmed by Bandai Namco today. What new game would you like to see getting unveiled in this stream? Gundam Breaker 4, Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn 2, or perhaps another brand-new Gundam game? Let us know what you hope to see in the comments!

[Source: Bandai Namco]