Ubisoft and Mondo Collaborate for Special Edition of Far Cry 5

Vinyl fans that are excited for the upcoming Far Cry 5 are going to love this announcement, as Ubisoft has revealed it will partner with Mondo to create a special Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition that will not only include a special Steelbook for the game, but will also come with a vinyl record featuring the Far Cry 5 Original Soundtrack.

The Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition is available now for pre-order on the Ubisoft store, and players who want to get their hands on it should probably hurry. There will only be 4000 units worldwide, and it’s only available through the Ubisoft Store for $99.99, so if you’re planning on waiting, just know it’s a risky move.

far cry 5 mondo

For the full list of contents included inside the special edition, check out below:

  • Far Cry® 5 Standard Game inserted in the game’s SteelBook®
  • A unique, exclusive and limited SteelBook® X Mondo designed by Jay Shaw, Creative Director of Mondo
  • A vinyl record, featuring Far Cry 5 original soundtrack
  • A code to download the digital version of the vinyl tracks
  • A unique box featuring Mondo drawing of FC5 villain

Ubisoft has also announced that anyone who pre-orders the Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition will receive the unique Doomsday Prepper Pack and the Chaos Pack, both of which include a set of cosmetic and consumable items to be used by the players in the game as they prepare to take down the Project at Elden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 is currently set to launch on March 27, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.