Psychological Thriller Those Who Remain Launching Later This Year

Developers Camel 101 have announced today that their newest game, Those Who Remain, is currently in production and will be releasing sometime this year for PlayStation 4. The game, which is a psychological thriller that takes place in a small town under a curse that leaves everything shrouded in darkness,

Arriving in the town of Dormont, players will quickly find out that although the town seems normal, mysterious entities roam through the dark, taking away anyone who gets too close. In Those Who Remain, staying in the light is key to survival, with darkness equaling nothing but death. The town is also riddled with strange portals connecting our world to another dimension, so there’s many secrets for players to discover when the game releases.

For more information on Those Who Remain, make sure to check below, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

We’re taking great care to create a gripping narrative; without spoiling anything, we’ll just say that a kid — a victim of bullying because she’s different — is at the center of the story. A tragedy occurs, followed by a series of unfortunate events, and a series of bad choices eventually leads the main character to Dormont.

Speaking of choices, there are some to be made during the game. We had so much fun discussing the plot that we couldn’t decide exactly how the game would end. So why not include all the endings that were discussed? There are some situations where the player has to decide a course of action. What you decide will affect the ending and the fate of the characters.

Those Who Remain is set to launch sometime in 2018.