Friday the 13th: The Game Update Makes Jason Much Scarier

Friday the 13th: The Game has been out for some time, but developers IllFonic continues to update the game for fans. Yesterday, the studio announced yet another update coming to the game over at the Friday the 13th: The Game blog. This time, the update centers around certain complaints the studio has been getting.

According to the studio, one of the biggest complaints of the game was that the Jason characters simply weren’t very scary. Videos had been sent to the studio showing off Jason being chased off or outrun due to being too slow. In an effort to fix this, Jason characters will now not only slightly faster, but he’ll also start with two additional throwing knives. The radius and grab reach for the character have also been reworked, hopefully making him a much more domineering figure.

For the full list of updates coming to the game, check out below:

  • Each Jason will be gaining a small speed increase – this is not so fast as to make it impossible for counselors to escape from a Jason player, but it is enough to make Jason feel more relentless.
  • Each Jason will start with 2 additional throwing knives.
  • Jason’s grab reach and radius have been looked at and reworked – this should help alleviate the issues players are reporting of counselors slipping through Jason’s fingers, while still retaining a fair grab range for counselor players.

Friday the 13th: The Game is now available. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on jumping back into the game.