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Watch Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Trailers of Lianshi, Sima Zhao, and More

We’re drawing nearer to Dynasty Warriors 9‘s release day, and Koei Tecmo has uploaded a new batch of character gameplay trailers. This time they added a bit more trailers than usual with seven new videos.

At the start of this batch we have Lianshi (Bu Lianshi), who is historically Sun Quan’s most loved concubine. In Dynasty Warriors series she had been depicted as Sun Shangxiang’s bodyguard until the latter got married to Liu Bei. She retains the Mandarin Duck Hooks which have been recently assigned to her in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires.

Pang De used to serve Ma Chao’s father Ma Teng. After the latter was killed and the faction perished, he went on a different path from Ma Chao and became a loyal general of Cao Cao’s army. He retains the Cudgel which has been faithfully assigned to him by Koei Tecmo since Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.

Yue Jin had been serving Cao Cao since the latter had just established his faction. Despite being small-framed, he was able to prove himself to be considered as one of Wei’s Five Great Generals. In a bizarre decision by Koei Tecmo, he loses the Twin Hookswords and is now sharing Twin Rods with Taishi Ci and Xiahou Yuan, although he still somehow retains some of his quick attacks from his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Sima Zhao is the second son of the famous strategist Sima Yi. He succeeded his brother Sima Shi and was holding the highest authority in Wei during the fall of the Shu kingdom. He retains the Strike Broadsword weapon design he got in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Guan Xing is the second son of the legendary figure Guan Yu. He inherited his father’s position after the latter was killed in the Battle of Fan Castle. He loses the Arm Blades from his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8 and now shares the Fan Sword with Cao Xiu and Zhong Hui.

Zhang Bao is the son of Zhang Fei, the sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Legend has it that after inheriting Zhang Fei’s position, he would emulate his father and sworn uncle by becoming sworn brothers with Guan Xing. His mechanical Snake Blade weapon from Dynasty Warriors 8 isn’t returning and he now uses the same Twin Meteors as newcomer Xu Sheng.

Zuo Ci is a well-known Taoist in the Three Kingdoms era who also has the nickname Master Black Horn. While in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel he has been known to ridicule Cao Cao, Dynasty Warriors also makes him as a staunch supporter of Liu Bei. He now shares the Monk Staff with Zhang Jiao, although his original weapon, the Paper Charms, still make a brief appearance in his Musou attack.

With 82 out of 90 characters having their trailers published, we have only eight characters remaining to be shown. Koei Tecmo will also hold a Dynasty Warriors 9 live stream on January 31 at 13:00 JST (04:00 GMT) to commemorate that the game has gone gold. It will be released in Japan and East Asia on February 8, and in North America and Europe on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]