PSA: How to Claim Your Free Monster Hunter World Celebration Pack In-Game

Update: We originally said that you need to visit your housekeeper to get the pack, but you actually only need to claim login bonuses to get the items. There was an issue preventing players from getting the pack that was fixed in the most recent patch

Monster Hunter: World sold more than 5 million copies in its first three days, and in celebration, Capcom is giving all players a free Monster Hunter: World celebration pack of items. We’ve seen some confusion about where you go to get the celebration pack, so we wanted to clear some things up on the claiming process.

The Monster Hunter: World celebration pack is actually really easy to obtain. All you need to do is login and hit triangle to collect your login bonus. After that, head to your room and talk to the housekeeper. Select “Claim Add-Ons and Bonuses” to get the celebration pack items. If you don’t see the items given to you, just give it time. Capcom said that they are rolling out this reward in waves (they have 5 million people to get it to, after all!), so if you don’t get it immediately, check back over the next few days. The pack will only be able to be obtained once per account.

The celebration pack will be available until February 15. Don’t worry if it doesn’t immediately appear. While we have yet to collect our own, others who have received the item pack reported that it contains:

  • 50 Mega Potions
  • 20 Lifepowders
  • 10 Demon Powders
  • 10 Hardshell Powders
  • 5 Steel Eggs

As a reminder, from now through February 8, Monster Hunter: World is running a crossover mission with Horizon Zero Dawn that will get you Watcher gear for your Palico. The quest isn’t all that great, but it does net some pretty cool rewards. You will need to be hunter rank 5 to undertake the quest, so if you haven’t been leveling up, you’ll want to get on that this weekend. As another crossover, there will be Street Fighter V gear available to make your hunter look like Ryu or Sakura.

Have you claimed your Monster Hunter: World celebration pack yet? How about your Palico’s Watcher gear? What other crossovers would you like to see Monster Hunter: World do?