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Compare the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Versions of Monster Hunter: World

With Monster Hunter: World now out for players to experience, fans are still trying to find out anything on the upcoming game that thsuey might not have seen prior. With the full game out to analyze, the tech group Digital Foundry has released a video detailing the differences in the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of the upcoming game.

The nearly 25-minute video (above) does an outstanding job breaking down Monster Hunter: World on every base and enhanced console, which means eight different game variants were tested. When it comes to the video output of all four consoles, the results are likely what you would expect, but there are tons of interesting tidbits in the video, so if you’re excited about Monster Hunter: World, make sure to give it a watch.

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Those multiplayer quirks are overcome quickly, though, and I enjoyed my time the most when I was playing with friends. It should be noted that the monsters get considerably more difficult in multiplayer, but it really makes the hunts feel like a team effort when completing them. It all results in a really satisfying gameplay loop of gaining different types of armor, collecting specific drops, and learning your weapons. There’s always something more to do in Monster Hunter: World.

This is the modernization that Monster Hunter definitely needed. Not only is it the most dynamic title in the series to date, it’s just a fantastic action role-playing game. Even if you’ve bounced off the series in the past, I highly recommend giving Monster Hunter: World a try. It’s where the series finally truly clicked for me, and that is very much by design. Capcom has updated their formula for a new generation, and it’s a real treat for all.

Monster Hunter: World is available now.