Destiny 2’s Second Expansion Releasing in May, Bungie Clarifies

After Bungie released a three month plan for Destiny 2 yesterday, speculation began to arise that this was the roadmap leading into the release of the currently unnamed Destiny 2 Expansion 2. The roadmap culminated with Season 3 beginning in May along with a number of other major updates to the game. Destiny 2’s second season of content launched at the same time as Curse of Osiris, the first expansion, which immediately led to speculation (ours included) that Season 3 would coincide with the release of Expansion 2.

Bungie has clarified that, while it wasn’t explicitly stated on the roadmap, Expansion 2 will be releasing in May alongside Season 3. Game Director Christopher Barrett made the clarification on Twitter last night.

There’s a  good reason Expansion 2 wasn’t listed on the roadmap. The development update that Bungie released was strictly of content that is being worked that will be free to all players. As Expansion 2 is paid content, they wanted to separate it from the discussion to show what they are doing for Destiny 2 without requiring players to pay any additional money.

Community Manager DeeJ confirmed the reason for the separation in response to another Twitter user.

If you missed yesterday’s development update, it has a lot of good information on what we can expect in the coming months, including at least one major update per month with fixes, changes, and improvements to Destiny 2. It should be of note that the updates are scheduled at the end of February and end of March, then April gets skipped. My guess would be that we’ll see Season 3 and Expansion 2 early in May (either May 1 or May 8), rather than later, if they are trying to stick to one update per month. A week or two of extra prep time would push them out of April and into May, as the development update shows.

What do you think of all these updates? If you’ve lapsed from Destiny 2, will these be enough to bring you back in time for Destiny 2 Expansion 2 in May?