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Electronic Arts is One of the Most Hated Companies in the US

Financial news site 24/7 Wall St. has published its list of America’s most hated companies, and Electronic Arts has made it into the top 5. The ranking was published last week but has only just made rounds online after USA Today and CBS picked up on the report.

This isn’t the first time EA has appeared in such a list. The house of FIFA and Battlefield is undoubtedly one of the most successful video game publishers in the world, but a series of unpopular and questionable practices has pushed it into hot water on numerous occasions, with the most recent one being the Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions controversy.

24/7 Wall St. writes:

While it has helped shape the face of gaming, EA has also unfortunately earned a reputation as the industry’s evil empire. There are many examples of EA buying up smaller studios or operations for a specific game and then either stripping the game of its originality or running the studio into the ground.

Prior to the Battlefront II fiasco, EA announced the closure of Dead Space developer Visceral Games, and canned Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project in favor of a new one, which drew criticism from the gaming community.

EA hasn’t commented on 24/7 Wall St.’s report.

[Source: 24/7 Wall St. via USA Today]