Dying Light Honors Anniversary With Month-Long Celebration

In an announcement that’s sure to make some players feel old, Dying Light is now getting ready to celebrate its third anniversary, marking three years since the game initially launched. In order to celebrate the event, Techland is planning a bunch of new activity and surprises over the coming month for the game.

According to the developers, new community bounties, discounts, and weekly giveaways will highlight what is set to be a month long celebration of all things Dying Light. Opting to go with a more suspenseful approach, Techland has said that they won’t be revealing everything right away, so make sure to stay tuned for any updates when they do reveal what else is coming to the game.

For more on the three-year old zombie game, check out our review of Dying Light:

There have also been noticeable bouts of frame-rate drops that only occurred when playing in an online group, and all of us were getting mobbed by more than a dozen zombies all getting decapitated or dismembered. While rare, and not very debilitating to the experience, it can be noticeable.

Overall, my time with Dying Light has been incredibly exhilarating and entertaining. The ability to play with friends, but still improve my character without having to worry about losing out on any progress I have earned keeps me coming back for more and more. Tying this into a wonderfully designed climbing system, combat system and crafting system, Dying Light is easily going to be one of my favorite games of

Dying Light is available now.