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New PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Features New Look and Better Performance

Sony is releasing a new version of the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset in the next few weeks. Originally released in 2014, this is the first rework they’ve done of the product under the same name. While it maintains essentially the same feature set as the previous Gold Headset, the new version has undergone a redesign to look a little more sleek and be more comfortable during long term gaming sessions.

The headset features high fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound (for compatible games) and the noise-cancelling microphones are hidden directly in the sides of the ear cups, so you can still chat with friends without an extended mic boom. It can be used as a wireless headset using the included USB dongle, or plugged into the included 3.5mm audio cable for use on anything that requires a headphones jack.

VR compatibility seems to be one of the selling points for the redesign. The new ear cushions and slimmer headband allow for it to be worn comfortably over the PSVR headset, and the 3.5mm audio cable can be plugged directly into the PlayStation VR headset for fully immersive 3D sound. The Gold Headset also supports the Headset Companion App, which allows players to load custom audio modes for specific games.

One of the primary complaints on the original Gold Headset was that the foldable hinges were flimsy and would break over time. The new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset looks like it has done away with the foldable design in favor of the slimmer headband portion. It’s unknown if this will improve the build quality of the headset. Sony didn’t announce any changes to the battery life, so it’s likely the new Gold Wireless Headset will tout the same 8 hour average that the original headset sported.

The new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset will be available later this month for $99.99 in the U.S.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]