How to Find The Last Guardian Easter Egg in the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake

The original Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 featured a reference to Fumito Ueda’s previous game, Ico. In addition to some details from the ending potentially casting Shadow of the Colossus as a prequel to Ico, defeating all 16 colossi in Hard Time Attack mode unlocked the Queen Sword, which is a weapon from Ico. You can get your hands on that sword again in the PS4 remake, but Bluepoint also decided to add a reference to Ueda’s follow-up game, The Last Guardian.

One of the Trico barrels filled with the glowing blue liquid can be found in a cave in a forested area to the south west of the main Shrine area. While you can’t interact with it and it doesn’t have any in-game effects, it will unlock a Bronze trophy. It’s also a really cool reference for longtime fans of Fumito Ueda’s games and effectively links all three games together.

While the screenshot above shows the glowing blue barrel, PowerPyx’s video below will show you exactly where you can find the barrel for yourself. Locating the barrel will net you the bronze trophy “Boon of the Nomad.” The video shows you how to get there from the main Shrine area.

Our review for Shadow of the Colossus PS4 went live last week and we loved it. We also published a number of interesting details about all of the work that Bluepoint put into remaking the game, and the minor changes and improvements that they made along the way. There are a number of fascinating details that were revealed, such as the level of detail in the main Shrine having more triangles in the PS4 remake than the entire original PS2 game did. Bluepoint also revealed that the PS4 game runs on the original PS2 game’s code.

What did you think of the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 The Last Guardian Easter egg?