New Mode Coming to Gwent, Allowing Players to Draft Their Own Decks

CD Projekt has unveiled a brand new draft-based mode to Gwent today. Called Gwent Arena, the new mode will enable players to build decks with no restrictions on factions, card rarity, or duplicates. After drafting a deck, players will have to try and defeat Gaunter O’Dimm, the Man of Glass, in a game.

According to CD Projekt (via PC Gamer), it will cost 150 ore – or $2 – to take part in an Arena run, and runs will last until players either complete nine successful contracts or die three times. Because of the entree fee, players will be guaranteed a minimum of one Keg even if they don’t complete any contracts, but better performances will lead to better rewards, with a random premium Legendary card being awarded for winning all nine battles.

The Gwent Arena won’t limit players in any way, as all available cards will be available to be drafted, so even if you don’t have the card in your collection, you’ll be able to use it. Because of that, CD Projekt stresses focusing on finding higher value cards instead of trying to form a deep strategy, although a better strategy could lead you to winning more games. No release information for when the Arena mode will rollout has been revealed, but the studio is working on testing out elements of the new mode now, so hopefully more information will arise in the future, and we’ll make sure to update you whenever more details about the mode come to light.

Gwent is available now.

[Source: PC Gamer]