Arc System Works Reveals Pricing for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and its DLC

Arc System Works has revealed the pricing for both the upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and its DLC. The game, unsurprisingly, will release both physically and digitally and retail for $49.99. As for the DLC, the six “Cross Tag Character Packs” – which include three characters per pack – will cost $4.99 each. A Digital Deluxe Edition, which bundles the full game and all six Cross Tag Character Packs, will be available for $69.99.

Arc System Works has also announced that a “Cross Tag Character Collection” will be released, bundling all six Cross Tag Character Packs together for $19.99, which amounts to about $9.95 less than purchasing each pack individually, so it’s not a bad idea if you plan on picking up all the characters. The first Cross Tag Character Pack, which includes Platinum The Trinity, Orie, and Kanji Tatsumi, will be available for free for the first two weeks following its release.

Arc System Works recently announced that half of the game’s roster will be comprised of DLC characters. Here’s more on the upcoming downloadable content:

Understandably, that DLC announcement caused some concern and outrage from the fighting game community. However, producer Toshimichi Mori explained the deveoper’s reasoning to Dengeki PlayStation and said that all of the content wouldn’t far exceed the price of what a full game typically costs. He said this is due to the game releasing at a lower price point of 5,800 yen (no North American price has been confirmed yet). That way, more players can play the game and purchase DLC if they want more.

Here are all the ways the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC will sell the characters:

  • All-in-One Pack (access to all 20 DLC characters)

  • Blake Belladonna

  • Character Pack #1 (three characters)

  • Character Pack #2 (three characters)

  • Character Pack #3 (three characters)

  • Character Pack #4 (three characters)

  • Character Pack #5 (three characters)

  • Character Pack #6 (three characters)

  • Unannounced DLC character

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 5 in North America.

[Source: Gematsu]