Fe Out Today, Watch the Metroidvania Title’s Launch Trailer

Stick it to the Man developer Zoink Games is back with another game. This time around, they’ve teamed up with Electronic Arts to produce a 3D metroidvania title called Fe. It has players solving a variety of puzzles in a fantastic world filled with animals and mystery.

Check out the Fe launch trailer below:

For even more on the metroidvania title, check out my Fe review. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about the latest from Zoink Games:

Fe, the latest game from the talented folks at Zoink Games, is all about communication. The way the player interact with the beautiful wilderness landscape is by crying out by using the right trigger. It’s actually one of the best uses I’ve seen of analog triggers in gaming, as the intensity of your roar is tied directly to how far down the player is pressing. Thus, players can do a slight noise in an attempt to befriend other animals in the forest, or use a loud noise to grab the attention of predators.

Although there are certainly stumbling points, it’s the aspect of exploration that really makes Fe a memorable experience. There’s seemingly always something to do from stumbling upon ferocious animals that are hidden in a cave to figuring out how to get an upgrade shard. The game world that Zoink has crafted is truly wondrous, and learning to work together with its inhabitants is a truly rewarding experience. Sometimes we just need to learn how to understand each other.

Fe is available now.