Kingdom Come Developer Details Future Updates, Save and Quit Option, Fix for Unresponsive R2 Trigger

Warhorse Studios has been hard at work on responding to player feedback since Kingdom Come: Deliverance released last week. Our own review will be publishing soon, but already Warhorse is working on Kingdom Come updates that will fix some of the criticisms that we found in our playthrough.

First, Warhorse wanted to make some clarification on Kingdom Come update version numbers. While we reported on Kingdom Come update 1.03 last week, that version number is exclusively for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, matching up with what Warhorse considers to be version 1.2 of the software.

The next Kingdom Come update will be 1.2.5, a hotfix that is in certification today. It will resolve issues with unresponsive R2 triggers (due to older, worn out trigger springs), as well as a couple of major quest bugs. The next major update (version 1.3) is currently being worked on, and will include a long awaited “Save and Quit” option for anyone that wants to play in short bursts. These are the features that Warhorse is targeting for release in Kingdom Come update 1.3:

  • Save and Exit functionality
  • Lockpicking minigame controls improvement on controllers
  • Pickpocket minigame improvement
  • Alchemy recipe for respec potion
  • Many quest-related bug fixes

Along with “Save and Quit”, improving the lockpicking on controls is a welcome change, as are improvements to pickpocketing. Both of these can be finicky, and failure can result in a lot of lost money or long stints in jail. Players shouldn’t have to choose between fighting with poorly implemented controls or avoiding the risk altogether.

These updates seem to touch on a lot of different parts of the game, so we can bet that these will be massive patches. Deep Silver’s Will Powers offered an explanation about the enormous Kingdom Come updates on ResetEra.

So, let me stop the rumor mill dead in its tracks before everyone continues jumping to conclusions. The way that I’ve been told that the engine works, is it takes the entire game and separates the PKG or ISO into 2GB archives. If during a patch you so much as alter a 1KB text file within any of these 2GB archives, then you need to reupload the ENTIRE 2GB portion. That beings said, this is a major patch that improves overarching mechanics throughout the game, so it touches almost all of these 2GB archives in the entire game build. Essentially you are having to redownload the game to replace the existing files. It shouldn’t stack them and inflate on your harddrive, but rather replace the previously downloaded build files.

These Kingdom Come updates are set to fix some of the biggest criticisms (our own included), but what else would you like to see Warhorse Studios update or change in future patches?

[Source: Warhorse Studios/Kingdom Come Steam Page]