Take an In-Depth Look at the Biomutant Character Creator and Weapon Crafting

Revealed at gamescom 2017, Biomutant is an action RPG featuring a deep system of varying choices that will impact the open game world and the story. We’ve seen a lot of gameplay videos trickling out since it was announced, but the most recent one offers an in-depth look at the character creator, weapons, bio-enhancements, and a little bit of gameplay. It’s all framed with commentary from the developer as he walks you through the myriad options present. Near the end of the interview, he begins showing off the various abilities that players will use in the game.

Most noticeable about this new look into the character creator is how much it changed over what we were shown last year. The concept is still the same, but the UI has seen some pretty significant changes. Your character’s look changes in tandem with their attributes. If you want to increase your intellect attribute, you’re going to have a pretty big head. Going for a more brutish stature will increase strength. Beef up your legs for better agility. Of course, you can also make some purely cosmetic changes to your character, including choosing gender, fur type, and changing the patterns and colors on the fur.

The video continues into Biomutant’s weapon crafting, touting over 500,000 possible combinations of weapons. For the purposes of the video, they are randomizing weapon parts combinations, but the final game will see players putting together various weapon parts themselves to customize the stats and attributes of the things they’ll use to fight. After taking a look at weapons, Experiment 101 goes into gameplay and biomutations, enhancements that will upgrade and change both your character’s look and abilities. You can watch the full interview from the PCG Weekender Livestream above.

Experiment 101 and the Biomutant IP were acquired last year by THQ Nordic, a company that seems to be on a buying spree of developers, studios, and franchise rights. Most recently, THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media, including Deep Silver and all of their IPs. What do you think of the Biomutant character creator, weapons, and biomutations?

Biomutant is set for a 2018 release.