The Station Giveaway – Win One of 20 Copies of the Sci-Fi Adventure (NA & EU Codes)

EU PlayStation LifeStyle readers rejoice! We’ve finally got a giveaway that you can enter too! The Station is a first-person sci-fi mystery from devs who held senior roles on BioShock Infinite, League of Legends, and Kingdoms of Amalur. We’ve got ten (10) NA codes and ten (10) EU codes redeemable for the full game exclusively for PSLS readers!

How to Enter

Entry is simple. Visit our Facebook page and comment, like, and share the giveaway post. You can also head over to our Twitter (@PSLifeStyle) to follow us and retweet the giveaway tweet. And finally, simply drop a comment below telling us what your favorite sci-fi adventure is! Bonus points for getting creative and thinking outside the box! Our readers are our most important asset, so we want to hear from you. We’re spreading the winners out across our site and social media platforms, so be sure to enter all of them for a bigger chance to win one.

We have 10 codes for each region. Please specify whether you would like an EU code or an NA code in your comment.

The giveaway is running through Thursday night, and we’ll be handing out codes on Friday. If you are selected as a winner, we will be sending you the code through your contact information on the channel you won from (Facebook, Twitter, Disqus email). Please make sure your Disqus email is up to date and accurate to ensure delivery of the code. Remember to specify your preferred region.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to play The Station, you might want to give our review a read through. We enjoyed the brevity and fact that there was very little fluff or padding in the packed mystery narrative.

The Station is short and sweet, which could be seen as a detriment. However, I liked the fact that there wasn’t a lot of fluff to the story, and there weren’t any fetch quests or other modes of padding the game to keep it going. There was plenty in the story to tell, and the developers didn’t drag it out at all. The brevity actually solidifies how stellar the narrative truly is, and I can’t recommend it enough to all gamers who love a good story, especially a good mystery.

Good luck in our The Station giveaway!