way of the passive fist ps4

Arcade Brawler Way of the Passive Fist Launching on PS4 Next Month

Household Games has announced today that Way of the Passive Fist will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 6, 2018. The game is an arcade brawler that has players fighting through a colorful apocalyptic wasteland as they dodge and dash around various enemies.

According to Household Games, the unique thing about Way of the Passive Fist is its combat, which is timing and rhythm based. Players must study their enemies’ patterns and nullify their attacks with perfectly timed parries in order to defeat them. Players will also be able to customize their own difficulty setting, allowing them to give themselves the right amount of challenge.

For more on the upcoming Way of the Passive Fist, check out some more features of the game below:

  • Timing & Rhythm Based Combat

    Classic brawler action flipped on its head! Study your enemies’ patterns and nullify their attacks with perfectly timed parries and dodges and let your enemies defeat themselves

  • Build Combos & Unleash Super Attacks

    Fill your super meter with consecutive parries and dodges and spend it to destroy all who stand in your way

  • Create Your Own Difficulty Setting

    Adjust gameplay settings to customize your own challenge level with its own unique name

  • Fully Remappable Controls

    Set any action to any button! With fully remappable controls you can use a controller one-handed (left hand or right hand), you can play on controller with just the use of sticks (no buttons) or play on keyboard. You have the freedom to play your way!

  • Level Up!

    Earn medals and XP from fights to earn upgrades and unlock new abilities

  • Story & Arcade Modes

    Play through the Story Mode and take a stance against tyranny on Zircon V. Then, challenge yourself with the Arcade Mode and play through the whole game with limited lives to prove your mastery of the Passive Fist!

Way of the Passive Fist will release on March 6, 2018.