Travel to the Circus in the Newest The Escapists 2 DLC

Team17 revealed brand new DLC for The Escapists 2 today, bringing players out of the prisons and into the circus. The Big Top Breakout DLC sees players traveling to a circus that, much like every other environment, is run by the cops. Players will participate in a variety of circus activities, including performing for crowds, feeding lions, and shooting themselves out of cannons. You can check out a trailer for the DLC below.

The DLC is out now, and is available to purchase separately or available in the Season Pass for the game. Much like the regular game, Big Top Breakout will have players serving time, this time as a clown in a traveling circus. Earn your keep by face painting, making balloon animals, and above all else, making sure you show up on time to perform the attendees.

For more on The Escapists 2, check out a brief description of the game below.

In this pulse-pounding penitentiary, players will experience the thrill of escaping a hidden compound deep in the jungle. You’ll need determination and drive to avoid the unquestioningly devoted guards, constant surveillance, and the Illustrious Leader himself, in your bid for freedom.

Escaping won’t be easy though. You’ll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards. Craft weapons and tools found (or stolen) from within the prison, but beware of cell shakedowns. Get a job or perform “favors” for your fellow inmates to purchase vital supplies, all while scouting escape routes.

The Escapists 2 is available now.