Gravel Trophies Revealed, Find Out How to Earn the Platinum

Milestone S.r.l.’s off-road racer Gravel is quickly nearing its release date of February 27, and now we know all of the trophies that the game has to offer. There’ll be a Platinum to unlock, and to do so players will have to earn all of the stars in the career mode.

Check out the full list of Gravel trophies below:


  • Gravel Hero

    Unlock all trophies


  • All in!

    Unlock all the vehicles in the basic game
  • Passport control

    Unlock all the Tracks in the basic game
  • Showman

    Obtain all the stars in the Off-Road Masters Career mode in the basic game
  • Globetrotter

    Complete a race in every different location of the basic game
  • Beautiful outside

    Unlock all of the liveries in the basic game
  • I believe I can fly

    Complete any track with a total of 6 seconds flying


  • The real boss

    Complete all the special episodes
  • Superfast

    Reach 142 mph (230 km/h)
  • Qualified

    Reach Level 25
  • The Graduate!

    Reach Level 50
  • Like a train!

    Maintain “High Speed” for 40 consecutive seconds
  • Garage nearly full

    Unlock 20 new vehicles from the basic game
  • Perfect landing!

    Perform at least 3 perfect landings
  • The new Off-Road Master

    Become the new Off-Road Master
  • Always in the lead

    Finish first in a Head to Head race
  • Reckless drifter!

    Sustain a drift for at least 7 seconds


  • Full marks

    Obtain 3 stars in a Career event
  • Green wave

    Complete a Smash-Up race, hitting only green signs
  • Timekeeper

    Obtain a time in Time Attack mode
  • Winner!

    Finish first in a Cross Country
  • Survivor

    Finish first in an Elimination
  • Online Champion

    Complete 10 online races
  • The fans are warming up

    Finish first in a Stadium Circuit
  • Promoted!

    Reach Level 10
  • Hello world!

    Complete an online race
  • In front of everyone

    Finish first in a Wild Rush
  • Top of the class

    Finish first in a Speed Cross
  • Just a warning shot

    Complete a special episode
  • 40 wheels for me

    Unlock 10 new vehicles from the basic game
  • 3 seconds in heaven!

    Perform a jump which lasts at least 3 seconds

Gravel is set to release on February 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: PSN Profiles]